About us

Who are we?

Since the 19th century, we have kept the craft tradition alive and proudly passed it on to the next generations of bed makers. All Hälsing beds are finished manually with natural materials from the North. Something that only a really good artist can do. Quality and feeling go together at Hälsing. The craftsmanship and attention to every little detail is evident everywhere: the solidly built bed frame, the strong, precise seams of the fabric, the supple stretch fabric on the top and the beautiful design combine to create a bed for life. 

We strive for Scandinavian sleeping comfort. The basis of the Scandinavian style is light, white and warm. Due to the long, dark winter days, Scandinavians bring the (sun) light into the house through light colors, large windows and natural materials. The white color reflects the most light and creates a spacious, clear interior. The Scandinavian living style has come over from Northern Europe and is completely inspired by the limited number of hours of sunshine, the long cold winters, deep blue lakes and the many pristine forests. And for good reason: a Scandinavian interior is functional, simplistic and above all aimed at creating the most pleasant living environment possible. For example, in a Scandinavian interior we see many natural materials such as dark wood and warm, cuddly materials such as teddy and wool to defy the winters. 

Scandinavian beds are high-quality box springs that are mainly made of natural materials. They are popular, among other things, because of the sturdy, rural appearance and the authentic handicrafts. This creates a super soft and comfortable sleeping system made of sustainable and recyclable materials. The so-called Scandinavian sleeping is known worldwide for its sleeping comfort. At Hälsing, your sleeping comfort is our priority.