Step by step


The Hälsing box spring consists of several parts. First of all, attention is given to woodworking. The headboards, footboards and decorative edges are produced in woodworking. This is the basis for the flat and electric box springs. The box spring is precisely measured. Customization is required, because everything is made according to the customer's wishes. 

Clothing workshop 

In the confection workshop, the fabrics of the mattresses, boxes, toppers and headboards are cut and stitched. We use the best materials for a longer life of the products. We only work with European fabrics and the strongest yarn. The rolls of fabric are cut and then processed by our professional seamstresses. 

Glue Department

Meanwhile, the boxes and mattresses are glued in the glue department. The foam is of high quality and provides good support with a long life. The glue used is 100% environmentally friendly and complies with all Dutch laws/standards. The pocket springs provide maximum support. 

Upholstery department

When the boxes and mattresses are glued, the box spring ends up in the upholstery department. Professionals work with an eye for precision. The covers are processed around the boxes and headboards and the loose parts are mounted. 

Packing department

In the packaging department, the covers of the mattresses and toppers are stitched over the foams. The whole is neatly finished and packed with care, ready for transport. 

Since the end of the 19th century, we have kept the craft tradition alive and proudly passed it on to the next generations of bed makers. All Hälsing beds are finished manually with natural materials from the North. Something that only a really good artist can do. Quality and feeling go together at Hälsing. The craftsmanship and attention to every little detail is evident everywhere: the solidly built bed frame, the strong, precise seams of the fabric, the supple stretch fabric on the top and the beautiful design combine to create a bed for life. We are constantly improving and renewing our beds. Every part is produced with care. We strive for Scandinavian sleeping comfort. We sleep a third of our lives. It is therefore extremely important to invest in this. If you choose Hälsing, you choose the best! 

We only choose materials of the best quality. Scandinavia is known for the beautiful nature, the tranquility that comes over you and the fine, light colors that you often see in the interior. A Scandinavian sleeping experience is the sleeping experience. With the beds from Hälsing, you get a piece of Scandinavia in your bedroom.

''I've enjoyed my Hästings Boxspring for years now. I was kindly helped from the first moment."


"I live in a small apartment and couldn't keep it tidy because of all the stuff. A storage box spring was the solution for me. It's never a mess again and I have a good night's sleep. Thank you!''


Unfortunately, the delivery had to be postponed for a week, but I was duly informed of this. I received a free cover and think this is a great service! In the meantime the bed has been assembled and I am enjoying it a lot.''


My wife and I wanted to switch to an electric bed. That was a very good choice! Fast service and the bed was neatly assembled.''


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